Friday, January 7, 2011

Welcome to the new Love on a Leash blog!

When I think about it, the creation and development of Love on a Leash Trusted Dog Care Services has been all about love and evolution. It’s a sweet thought, here in the new year. One I wanted to share with you.

Love on a Leash was born of my own frustration in trying to find really excellent overnight and extended vacation care for my dog, Casey, a Bichon Frise. Leaving town for more than a day became a nightmare when I couldn’t find a place for Casey to be where I felt she would be really happy and comfortable. I didn’t want to put her in a kennel and I wasn’t okay with just having a daily service  look in on her periodically. I wanted really great and present care, but when I could find that sort of attention for her, it was over $80. per day. And, more or less directly from that experience, Love on a Leash was born.

Like a lot of good ideas, though, it didn’t stop there and for several years, in addition to providing truly excellent care for so many delighted and delightful canine clients, we’ve been publishing PADS, a monthly newsletter focused on all things dog in Vancouver, from what’s hot in the dog park (and where the good ones are!) to tips regarding dog care, health, nutrition, grooming... and just about everything related to dogs.

While the newsletter has been inviting an ever-larger following, we realized that what was needed was a home for the news we gather for PADS on the web because, while it’s wonderful to get a monthly message stuffed with great information, some people prefer and nibble and bite approach, which seemed a perfect fit for blogging technology. Also, it’s all terrific information, and where could it be archived in a more or less permanent way? And all of this, of course, leads us right back here: to our brand new blog. While we continue to invite you to sign up for PADS, make sure you check back here frequently to see what sort of canine-driven fun we’ve been getting up to.

So thank you for joining us in another permutation of what is essentially a single service: we are completely involved in providing excellent and worry-free care for your canine companion when you can’t be there. And the rest of it -- newsletters and blogs and whatever else we might dream up to add -- it’s all good and wonderful, but it’s icing on the cake.

Thanks for joining us!

Tammy Preast, for Love on a Leash

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  1. Great blog Tammy! We're loving it!