Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ask Casey...

Q. What kind of music do you like to listen to?

A. I have a few favorite CDs including Songs to make Dogs Happy by Skip Haynes & Dana Walden. My favorite song is “You’re a Good Dog” although Chloe, my little Bichon buddy likes “Squeaky Deaky” best. All available from

My absolute favorite music is the Pet Music 3-CD Collection: Sunday in the Park, Natural Rhythms and Peaceful Playground that my Mom has played for me since 1999. Pet Music was created especially for us and the soothing collection is supposed to help reduce our separation anxiety, eliminate stress and enhance our daily routines. All I know is that it makes me fall asleep on the couch and snore up a storm when my Mom plays it for me. It’s available from

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  1. Dear Casey,
    I lick my paws way too much and it is driving my mom crazy! She has tried Oregano Oil but it is really expensive and is stinking up the are my smelly feel from licking them so much.
    Do you have any suggestions???
    Robbie Burns
    White West Highland Terrier Extraordinaire.