Monday, January 10, 2011

Ask Casey...

Q. Can you recommend bath and beauty products?
A. My mom bathes me with the All Natural Lavender Conditioning Shampoo from the Cain & Able Collection. It’s an all natural and gentle shampoo with mild cleansing agents that don’t dry my skin. Pure essential oils nourish my coat leaving it clean and shiny! The handmade dog shampoo is infused with citronella oil and essential oils of lavender, eucalyptus & tea tree to provide natural flea control in addition to the aromatherapy benefits. The Lavender/Eucalyptus blend is made for sensitive skin like mine: we Bichons are prone to itching and skin sensitivity so my mom has to be very careful with me. Check out the entire line or purchase at bow wow haus or Three Dog Bakery. Their all natural vanilla toothpaste and extra special toothbrush keeps my teeth clean and white and keeps my breath fresh, too!

Q. Can you recommend some healthier dog treats?
A. I LOVE EVERYTHING, especially Milk Bone Dog Biscuits! Unfortunately, I have discovered as I age, that I have a very sensitive digestive system and my vet insists I need to lose weight and eat natural treats. Although I will eat anything -- and I mean anything -- my mom has become very discerning with my snacks and feeds me cookies that are rather small in size to help cut back on calories. My faves are Cheese Hearts from Bark & Fitz on Cardero Street in Coal Harbor. They come in a refillable milk glass bottle and make me crazy with delight! The Three Dog Bakery has scrumptious Itty Bitty Bones that make me whine at the sight of them and Natural Balance makes Healthy Bones Dog Treats with turkey, oatmeal and cranberry in big and small-sized biscuits. These more budget friendly treats are available at Tisol and Bosley’s Stores.

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