Friday, January 14, 2011

Lost? Found! is devoted to finding lost pets and was the brainchild of Vancouverite, and realtor, Glenn Renney. “I live near a busy road,” Renney tells visitors to the site. “One morning, I saw a stray dog wandering the street without a leash or an owner. I tried to approach the dog to read his tag; however, he was too scared. He ran towards traffic and what I thought might be a terrible fate. Owners can register their pets, and if a stray animal is spotted, this site can be used to notify the animal’s owner!”

While Renney reports that the incident he witnessed had a happy ending, many pets aren’t so lucky. Dogs tend to stray and wander. provides a photo of your pet with contact information so you and your pet can be reunited quickly. If someone finds your dog, they can go to the site to find the owner. I think this is a great concept and congratulate folks who make an effort to help man's best friend!

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