Sunday, January 9, 2011

Be Dog Safe!

DOGSAFE Canine First Aid founder and head instructor Michelle Sevigny, a former Vancouver police officer, is also the author of DOGSAFE: Everything Your Dog Wants You to Know in an Emergency.

In 1992, Sevigny graduated from university with a degree in communications and psychology which started her fascination with how both humans and animals learn. Michelle continued into formal canine education where she studied all levels of obedience, behavior problems, aggression and obtained the designation of certified master trainer. Michelle also received certification in canine massage after intensive studies of canine anatomy and massage techniques. She currently offers private, in-home puppy training through DOGTIME Canine Recreation Company.

The inspiration behind DOGSAFE was Michelle’s Shar-pei, Dallas. An incident where she was bitten by an injured Dallas sparked an interest in canine first aid and compelled her to educate other dog owners and professionals. Michelle’s nine years experience in emergency response as a police officer as well as her understanding of dog handling, behavior and communication was the ideal background necessary to develop the DOGSAFE Canine First Aid courses. As an instructor, Michelle is thorough yet fun and really strives to ensure that every student understands the principles and techniques of canine first aid. She shares her home with Monty, a Rottweiler adopted from the Vancouver City Shelter. Monty, who was named after Monty Python, because of all his goofy antics and Michelle says he reminds her daily of the joy to be had by sharing your life with a dog.

DOGSAFE Canine First Aid is committed to maximizing canine first aid and safety awareness to everyone involved with dogs.

You can check for more information on upcoming DOGSAFE courses on the company’s website.

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