Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Love on a Leash Employee Profile: Penny Adam

Penny Adam has worked closely with animals since 1996, including eight years at the S.P.C.A. Animal Hospital and seven years as a professional dog walker. This has helped Penny fine tune her knowledge of animal behaviors, health, and well being.

Penny has worked extensively throughout the animal world: from specialty pet stores to grooming businesses. These positions improved her knowledge of pet products, animal nutrition, grooming and care of dogs.

Penny recently became a certified dog trainer! She went through training to help further improve her skills and knowledge in dealing with a variety of different situations regarding dog handling and certain behaviors that may require some special work to ensure that owners and their dogs are happy, healthy, well adjusted and well behaved!

Over the years Penny has owned and loved a variety of different pets including dogs and cats plus other small animals. She gets tremendous enjoyment working with dogs. Penny feels these loveable pooches help keep a smile on her face and deliver new challenges each day and that dogs enrich people's lives so much with their unconditional love.

We have to agree: there is no substitute for your dog’s love!

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