Friday, June 1, 2012

Canine Communicator Breaks Dog Language Barrier

We’ve all heard about Dog Whisperers. In fact, our resident Fairy Dogmother, Shelly, at Love on a Leash in the Country is a Dog Whisperer. Shelley has the innate ability to understand canine psychology and the whys and hows of what your dog is acting and reacting to. Because of this, Shelly works with many of our special needs doggy clients to help them through their anxieties, phobias and bad behaviors when they come stay with her. She also works with owners to learn -- and sometimes unlearn -- their own behaviors so they can better understand and work with their dog so their dog becomes more balanced, relaxed and feels secure in the family.

As much as I love and respond to Shelly’s special gifts at understanding to and relating with our canine pals, there is another way. Dale McCarthy is an animal communicator. Her gift is, I think, more difficult to pin down than Shelly’s. But I’ve seen it in action and have been no less impressed.

To me, Dale is one part Dr. Doolittle and one part Dog Whisperer in that she can actually hear your dog’s thoughts. She doesn’t train your dog or work through any psychological issues but, if you are wondering if your dog is in pain, if you are asking yourself if it is time to let your geriatric pooch go to the other side or find yourself wondering what your dog may be thinking, Dale’s gift seems honestly able to help.

I’ve been so deeply impressed that I asked Dale to share some of what she does with our readers. Dale writes:
Want to know what your pet is thinking? 
Are you trying to make the tough decision of when to let them go? 
Quite often, we wish we could talk with our pets to find out what they are thinking, discuss health issues, deal with behaviour problems or to make the difficult decision of when it is time to let them leave this world. 
Animals are constantly communicating with us but we usually just notice the wagging tails, meowing and the usual cat or dog behaviours. There is way more they are telling us but just that we don’t recognize or understand.  Sometimes you probably do feel that your pet is talking to you -- and it is! So trust your instincts in that you really do know what is going on with your pet.  
But if you want to get more confirmation on what you think or want to know more, then having an Animal Communicator do a session for you and your pet is a great way to find out what you’d like to know! 
I am fortunate to have the intuitive gift of being able to communicate with animals through conversations of words and visuals which can be shared with their owners. The pet will provide me with information as to their personality traits, what any issues may be and even when they are ready to pass on. This ability to converse, interpret and relay information will answer any questions or concerns you might have about your pet.  
You can contact Dale through her web site, or by calling her at 778-330-6936.

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