Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Karen Moe Photography: Fine Art Dog Portraits

In 2008, Karen Moe published the book, Dog, that features her photographic series, “Perros: Dogs of Central Havana.” While photographing every dog she saw in one week in Havana, Karen discovered both her emotional and aesthetic passion for dogs.

Her love of dogs as both individuals and members of families and her artistic and philosophical commitment to both animal and human relationships gives Karen the privilege of creating unique portraits that both exemplify and complement her clients’ extraordinary lives.

Karen’s skills and insights as an artist grace these photographic experiences as works of art. These philosophies and practices are at the center of Karen Moe’s Fine Art Dog Photography. Karen has been focusing on fine art dog photography since the fall. She captures canine images that are artful enough to hang on a dog lover’s walls, she says, and also stays busy offering headshots of dogs looking to break into careers in film.

Karen Moe is hosting Uncommon Vision this coming weekend (June 8-10) at the ARC showcasing multiple artists in our midst on Vancouver's Eastside. The ARC, one of the only live/work artists' buldings in vancouver, has been providing provocative “Uncommon” group art exhibitions since 2003.  It’s a great way to see some truly local art.

In celebration of “All Things Dog” Karen will host afternoon tea and offer 15 minute Dog Portrait Mini-Shoots on Saturday, June 9th from 1:00-5:00 p.m.

Karen's “doggy portrait sittings” will cost $30 and owners can choose a 5" x 7" print from one of five shots taken that day. $5 from the $30 fee will be donated to one of four animal protection agencies that Karen supports:  The SPCA, The Wilderness Committee, Liberation B.C. or the B.C. Health Coalition.  You get to choose which one you wish the $5 goes to!

Part of the ARC's Uncommon Vision
June 8 - 9 - 10, 2012
Fri & Sat: Opening Reception + Night Gallery 7pm -12am
Sat & Sun: Day Gallery + Open Studios 12pm- 5pm
ARC Gallery: 1701 Powell Street @ Commercial

For more information, you can contact Karen via e-mail at karenmoephotography@gmail.com or call  604-787-1806.

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