Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Happy Canine Smile

The patient. What a cutie!
Though no one argues the value of a good, clear smile, we don’t always translate that to our pets. Fortunately, there are people out there who do, among them Corinne Henderson, president and owner of DentaPet.

Before. Those choppers
clearly need attention!
“Our mission,” Henderson says, “is to provide professional, safe, well-priced, non-anesthesia teeth cleaning treatment in maintaining pet’s overall oral health and happiness.”

DentaPet’s certified hygienists are registered with the B.C. Government Oral Health Association and Veterinarian approved and they provide non-invasive oral hygiene service for dogs and cats.

Henderson offers some thoughts:

After. Nothing like a clear,
bright smile!
A pet can bring a lifetime of joy, love, and treasured moments. With those happy moments also comes special responsibility to care for the needs of your animal friend. At Dentapet, we provide compassionate oral care at the very highest level in all of the Vancouver area. We strive for a warm and friendly relationship with you and your pet. Dentapet takes great pride in treating your pet like a member of our family.
Since animals can't tell you when they have dental or oral disease, regular oral examinations are recommended. At DentaPet we offer options on how to treat these issues safely and effortless.

• Book free 15 min consult
Truly looking good!
• DentaPet can be mobile, but there would be an additional fee for travel
• Teeth cleaning: dependant on the condition of animal’s mouth
• Book two or more pets / $10.00 off ( not applicable with other promotions or coupons)
• Nails $10.00

Our goal is to help improve the comfort and quality of our patients’ lives.

Please visit our web site, and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me at 604-971-1388.

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