Tuesday, May 29, 2012

K9 Kamp and the Desire to Deter the Muffin Top

Luckily my pooches and I don’t need K9 Kamp at this time as we are super active, but I know what it's like to have a dog who looks like a tank. For years, my darling Casey was affectionately called “The Chunk” as she was, shall we say (ahem) solid!

So I know what it is when a donut or three -- or too many great canine cookies! -- add more jiggle to your wiggle than is desired for optimum health or peace of mind and I can appreciate how a support group of dogs and owners can really help spur one another on to get up and move.

I wholeheartedly support Jodi and Kolchak’s initiative to work off their muffin tops and encourage anyone who feels the need to get on board for health and prizes. I know Jodi is getting a lot of support for this program and it makes me so happy to know that what she’s creating will be potentially powerful for so many people and dogs.

You can get full details here.

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