Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Love Behind Love on a Leash: Carol Whitehead

For much of the last fifteen years, Carol Whitehead has spent her days and nights in the presence of dogs. She derives joy from their expression of love and affection every time they greet their human companions and is in admiration of their ability to welcome each new day with enthusiasm and wonder. Carol values how their living in the now reminds her to approach each day with some excitement about what may unfold. Carol has a lifetime of experience with dogs having worked in the industry either dog sitting or managing doggy businesses both on the retail scene and in the canine food industry and believes a day without a dog is like a day without sunshine. Dogs bring so much joy and laughter to Carol’s life that she tries to interact with every dog whose path she crosses. In fact, Carol would consider herself lucky to be a “loved” dog in another life!

Meet Carol and the rest of the Love on a Leash team here.

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