Monday, January 2, 2012

The View from this New Year

In some ways, 2011 was a fantastic year. In one especially important one, I’m not sure I’ll ever quite recover. There were high points, though. Some of them especially memorable. I was, for instance, very proud of Party With Your Pooch back in September. This event was more than dog friendly: it was dog essential! With canapes and other refreshments for both our human and canine guests, everyone seemed to have a really good time. Notably, we raised money for SAINTS and 1ataTime rescue, all while enjoying ourselves immensely with our canine friends in tow.

We’ve been posting images from Party With Your Pooch as they’ve crossed our desks and though the event was months ago, new photos keep appearing in print. The ones included here, for instance, are from the most recent issue of Vancouver View. They did a great job highlighting the event (look at that paw on the page!) and I’m including them here because it’s such a delight both to see the photos and share them.

Here’s wishing you a strong and healthy 2012. May your treat jar never be empty and may all your ribbons be blue.

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  1. Wishing you a wonderful New Years too. Love the "may your treat jar never be empty" Going to create a project with that saying. :)

    All the best!