Friday, January 27, 2012

Contest: Pets and Your Well-Being

You have to love the motto of the Best Friends Animal Society: “Our mission is to bring about a time when there are no more homeless pets.” Now that’s an idea everyone can support! And while this largest animal sanctuary in the United States is certainly worthy of donations of money and time, the organization’s publication, Best Friends magazine, is currently asking for something that is actually pretty easy for a lot of us: they want us to share just exactly what our dogs mean to us.

The editors of Best Friends magazine want you to tell them, in 35 words or less, “In what ways do you believe pets improve your overall sense of well-being?”

Send your answer and a photo (no cell phone images) to:

While we’re thinking of the Best Friends Animal Society, it’s worth mentioning that they do an amazing amount of work. For instance, there are currently close to 2000 animals in their sanctuary in northern Utah. They are also involved in special events and outreach programs to help animals in need around the country. It’s an amazing organization and you can see more information about it here.

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  1. Great idea! My dogs are better for my health than good insurance!