Thursday, December 22, 2011

In Memory of My Casey Jane

September 30th, 1995 ~ December 19th, 2011

I had to say good-bye to my sweet angel, Casey Jane, late Monday morning. It was the hardest decision I’ve ever made and, right now, I feel like my heart will never heal, but she was ready, even if I wasn’t.

She went so peacefully, I don’t for a second doubt that my decision was the right one. Even so, I’m a mess right now and it feels like a part of me is gone. Casey was my “Baby Girl” for nearly 14 years, she came into my life on June 10th, 1998, and she even made it past her 16th birthday this year on September 30th, which I know is a very good age for a dog to achieve. And while I feel lucky to have shared my life with her for so long, I find I can’t help but wish that it was longer still. I miss her soft, fluffy little Bichon body and the loving expression in her eyes more than I ever thought possible.

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  1. Oh baby girl, I miss you so much too!! Will never forget you. Sleep in heavenly piece. xoxo