Thursday, March 3, 2011

Swedish Movie Theater Goes to the Dogs

Will the term “dog-days” come to include a day at the movies? You’re dog-gone right... in Sweden, at least, where one of the world’s first movie theaters for dogs debuted during the country’s annual pet exhibition in Stockholm last month.

The theater, a joint venture between Fox Home Entertainment and Pedigree, opened to a screening of the canine infused film Marmaduke. According to PeoplePets, there were eight total screenings of the film with at least 20 dogs in attendance at each showing.

During the screenings, the animals in attendance were served “goodie-bowls” (PeoplePets) filled with Pedigree pet snacks. Although the snacks may have become the main attraction, there’s some solace to be found in not having to leave your pet at home in order to spend an afternoon out.

While the concept of watching a film with your pet pal might not be new, Sweden seems to be the first country to actually realize the idea in a public forum. Is this a sign that pet cinemas are going to become a staple of the future? The idea might not be as far-fetched as you think. The response to the doggy movie theater in Sweden was so profound that the festival’s organizers have vowed to continue the tradition into next year’s exhibition and beyond.

Would you take your dog to the movies?

by Ryan Karpusiewicz for PetSide.Com

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