Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Love Behind Love on a Leash

Every month we feature one of the wonderful, loving, qualified women behind Love on a Leash, putting a face behind the person who is caring for your dog while you are away. This month features “us,” Tammy and Shelly, owners of Love on a Leash!

Tammy Preast (left) and Shelly Dueck: Alpha Dog and FairyDogmother.

As “Alpha Dog” for Love on a Leash Trusted Dog Care Services, I manage the company that babies your dog while you are away. This company was born out of my frustrations when looking for pet care for my senior dog, Casey. It was a difficult exercise to find someone trustworthy, loving and reliable to care for Casey when I wanted to take a vacation.

In December of 2008, Love on a Leash was launched and has become very successful with the tagline, “Peace of Mind and a Happy Pooch.” With eight caregivers under our wing and two full-time dog walkers, this boutique dog business caters to those dog parents who can’t bear to place their dog in a sterile environment, but rather, want their pet to feel the love and affection they would experience at home. We give your dog loads of personal one-on-one time, walks, treats and special outings. I tell all owners that our dog care is truly like summer camp for kids… even better!

My wonderful sister, Shelly Preast-Dueck, aka “Fairy Dogmother” came on board in May of 2009 as my business partner in Love on a Leash. With more than 23 years experience with dogs -- from breeding and showing Boxers to canine nutrition, dog psychology and first aid -- Shelly’s knowledge of dogs is incredible. Her passion for animals is evident and displayed on a daily basis with the patience and love she bestows on each and every dog in her care. She is truly a “Fairy Dogmother.”

Dog owner’s trust us with their “babies” while they are away and we consider ourselves fortunate to work in an industry with clients we truly adore. We tell our clients -- past, present and future, “we love the doggies that come to us and they love us right back! A stay with Love on a Leash is like Summer Camp for dogs, 365 days a year!”

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