Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bitchi Bling Exclusive Dog Accessories

This is a tale of two sisters who love their dogs more than anything. Sisters Alicia and Aimee Keller wanted to make their dogs feel even more adorable by making them some glamorous accessories to share with the world. With a passion for their pets and a love of fashion, Bitchi Bling was created!

These gals believe that every pet deserves a little bling and nothing is more beautiful than bling in their step and a sparkle in their eye. There beautiful doggy accessories are an expression of love that makes their pets feel as marvelous as they look.

Alicia and Aimee believe pet fashion should feel as good as it looks, while standing up to the test of time. Their mission is to create fun, unique accessories for pets with two major goals in mind: comfort and quality. The gals have even developed a more “economical” line, called Ruff Rhinestones, for those that are looking for bling on a budget.

But Bitchi Bling is definitely the crème de la crème. The perfect bling for the Jet Set. Bitchi Bling’s collar and bracelet sets are handcrafted using only the finest materials: genuine, quality leather and gold plated hardware. What gives Bitchi Bling pieces their incredible sparkle? The use of Swarovski Cystals rather than ordinary rhinestones. When light hits a Bitchi Bling piece they sparkle like diamonds. And we all know that diamonds are truly every girls’ best friend!

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