Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Fostering Option

If you really would love a dog in your life but don’t feel quite ready to make a full commitment, fostering might be a terrific option to explore.

When you foster a dog, you work with a rescue organization or shelter and care for a dog in your home for a predetermined amount of time or until a forever home is found. The dog’s life improves because of you. And, likewise, your own life is improved by a very special relationship with an animal in need.

It’s one of those wonderful win-win situations. The dog gets experience in a home environment while getting socialized with humans and other pets, better preparing it for its forever home.

The dog will have more opportunity to exercise, since the foster human may have a backyard and should provide regular walks, which may not be provided at the shelter.

Since you’ll get to know the dog, you can provide invaluable insight to potential adopters, helping ensure he or she gets a home that’s a better match.

Puppies who are too young to be adopted have a chance to grow up and be with their mother before being adopted.

Dogs recovering from illness or injuries can get the attention they need.

Dogs stressed by a shelter environment have an opportunity for more comfortable living quarters.

A space is opened up at the shelter or rescue, allowing the staff to save the life of one more dog.

If you’re considering adopting, fostering can be an opportunity to see how a dog can fit in your life before making a commitment. But it’s important to be aware that it’s still a serious responsibility to take on, though a rewarding one.

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