Wednesday, June 25, 2014

All Paws Massage

I just can’t say too much about Marta Banat’s All Paws Massage. My dogs have been enjoying massages and it was a wonderful and relaxing experience for them. It made me want one! 

Marta’s words on the subject are the most eloquent, so I think  I'll just let you tell herself:

Like us, our companion animals an greatly benefit from a variety of bodywork modalities. 

Massage is a wonderful compliment to a holistic approach to pet care. It serves as a preventative measure by maintaining function and mobility already present, or as a way to bring relief to areas of discomfort. Massage facilitates the connection between body, mind and spirit, supporting an overall state of well-being.

All Paws Massage is a service dedicated to providing companion animals with the benefits of massage and Reiki, with the added convenience of having the trained practitioner come to your home.  

If your dog or cat suffers from muscle tension or soreness, arthritis, stress or anxiety, this approach is non-invasive and works on the whole body system.

All Paws Massage incorporates a variety of bodywork modalities. During a typical massage session the practitioner draws upon the benefits of Swedish massage techniques, TTouch, acupressure and energy work all with the intention to guide your pet towards a state physical and mental well-being.

Marta Banat is the founder and practitioner behind All Paws Massage. She first learned about the benefits of massage and energy work while searching for holistic approaches to manage her dog’s epilepsy. Inspired by the improvement in her own dog, Marta decided to train at NorthWest School of Animal Massage and open her practice to other pet parents. 

Call 604-700-4107 or e-mail for more information or an appointment. 

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