Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Holidays Aren’t Just For People Anymore! Here’s a Dozen Holiday Traditions to Share with Your Canine Pal

Many of us have favorite holiday traditions we celebrate with our dogs. Dogs are part of our families and many families include their dogs in their holiday festivities. In some cases, their dogs are an integral part of the events.

And if photos with Santa
 is what you’re feeling,
come to our event
It’s for a terrific cause!
We would like to share some holiday traditions with you and even learn about some of your traditions so that we can share with other dog lovers.

Here are some of our favorite holiday traditions to share with dogs:
  • Pick Out a Tree Together. There are tree farms that allow you to walk around and tag your tree. How about doing it with your dog? What a wonderful tradition! 
  • Holiday Paw-di-cure. How about a holiday pedicure for your pooch? You can be creative and paint the nails alternatively red and green just for fun. 
  • Pet Parade. Some towns or pet stores sponsor a dog event -- even a dog parade. Dress up your dog in his favorite bandana or Santa cap and take part. 
  • Hang a Dog Stocking. Why not? If you have a stocking -- your dog should too. Many of the dog lovers I know have stockings for each of their dogs. 
  • Go See Santa. How about a photo of your dogs or you and your dogs with Santa? This also makes a great holiday card.


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