Wednesday, May 1, 2013

10 Reasons Dog Owners Make Better Lovers

When checking out a possible new partner, you know you can probably do a lot worse than finding someone who owns a dog. Just by virtue of them sharing their life with a canine pal, they're already demonstrating a whole bunch of the qualities we’re looking for!

Here are 10 reasons that confirm what we’ve figured all along: dog owners make better lovers!

#1: Doing Owners Are Easy Going
Dogs don’t make a lot of demands and the people who choose to hang out with them tend to value that quality in their canine companions. Dogs are just happy to be with you… and the attitude is catchy!

#2: Dog Owners are Responsible
Learning to care for another animal is a process that requires patience and commitment. Even if they want to go to dinner with coworkers, they have to first take their dog’s well-being into consideration. Putting someone else’s well-being above yours is an admirable quality that requires time and practice to achieve. Luckily, with a dog owner, they get plenty of practice with their pooches.

#3: Dog Owners are Social
Dogs are social animals who enjoy meeting others, playing in groups and exploring the world with friends. For this reason, people that choose to own dogs tend to be more social and easy to get along with. Studies have found dog owners to be much more extroverted than people that own cats or no pets. Whether it means doggie play dates at the park, pet sitting for a neighbor’s pup or bringing their pup out to dog friendly restaurants, the bottom line is dogs help dog owners stay social and more connected with their communities.

#4: Dog Owners are Active
People who own dogs have been found to be more active than people that own cats or no pets at all. When owning a dog, there are times where you’ll be woken up at the crack of dawn for a walk or a jog. There’s no use complaining about it, your dog needs you to take them out, they depend on you. This is how we care for our dogs and in turn, this is how they keep us positive about being active. Dog owners are constantly looking for new active things to do with their dogs to make sure their needs are being met.

#5: Dog Owners are Thoughtful
When you own a pet, you’re no longer just thinking for yourself. You have to be keenly aware of someone else’s wants and needs. For many pet parents, a specific whimper, growl or stance can signal a specific problem or need. Someone who has learned  to be so attuned to their pups behavior will most likely transfer those skills to their human relationships.

#6: Dog Owners are Playful
Dogs are social, playful creatures. If you’ve ever tried to ignore a pup when they were trying to play with you, chances are you had a pretty difficult time. Dogs are known to bring out the playful side of even the most curmudgeonly of us and when you’re a dog owner, this is even more so the case.

#7: Dog Owners are Understanding
Anyone who’s ever owned a puppy has come to understand that accidents happen. Whether they’ve chewed up socks, peed on carpet or pooped in shoes, a puppy owner definitely has to learn to be okay cleaning up a fair share of messes. What you learn in the process is that despite life’s messes, what’s more important is that the pup is happy, healthy and continues to grow and learn from his mistakes. This attitude is both healthy and important.

#8: Dog Owners are Loyal
When you are a pet parent, you can’t help but feel slightly undeserving of how devoted our dogs are to us. Being on the receiving end of such unwavering loyalty makes pet parents more likely to want to give that back to their friends, family and partners.

#9: Dog Owners Know How to Have a Good Time
Dogs tend to live fully in the moment. Someone that chooses a pup as their companion usually value a dog’s approach to life or shares the same approach. In a world where anxiety runs high and people are constantly stressed about money and work, having someone who knows how to enjoy themselves becomes all the more important.

#10: Dog Owners are Good Company
The majority of dog owners find comfort in the companionship they have with their dogs. This means that they are open and willing to share their life with someone. This openness means that dog owners have the tendency to be great companions themselves simply because they understand the importance of it.

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