Sunday, February 5, 2012

Love on a Leash shares Valentine’s Day Recommendations for your Pooch!

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, a time to show your appreciation for everyone you love, including your dog! This is the perfect time to pamper your pooch with a little extra TLC. Dogs are so easy to pamper. Just offer them a little extra time and attention and they will be over the moon for you!

Here are 6 things you can do to show your dog how much you love them this Valentine’s Day:

1. Special Treats for the one you love. The ultimate way to pamper your dog is to give him some “special” treats. There are two dog bakeries we really love: Sweet Canine Cookies truly are divine! And Three Dog Bakery in Vancouver and Port Moody continues to be a special favourite.

Sweet Canine Cookies shares some of the things that make them special:
“When we started baking for dogs we wanted to do something really special. Sweet Canine Cookies are not your average dog cookies. They are made with certified organic human grade ingredients to offer goodness for your dog’s body, mind and spirit. Each dog cookie is nutritionally balanced and is a good way to help supplement the body, but Sweet Canine Cookies also treat your dog spiritually! Our recipes are made with love and care for your dog. Not for profit, but for the sole intention of providing your dog enjoyment and health. One hundred percent of our net proceeds are donated to our favorite Bichon rescue organization. And it doesn’t stop there. When your dog eats one of our cookies, he literally consumes a blessing and a prayer made specifically for him or her. Each human grade dog cookie is individually blessed and prayed over to offer your dog nutrients, love and a spiritual touch. Sweet Canine Cookies are food for the body, mind and the spirit with a specific blessing and prayer offering a complete circle of health, wholeness and happiness. And of course they come with just a touch of sweetness to make your dog smile, because even dogs have a sweet tooth.”
Three Dog Bakery is also motivated to create healthy canine treats. In their own words:
“At Three Dog Bakery our mission is simple: to fresh-bake the world’s best dog biscuits and food, giving dog owners everywhere a healthy, all-natural bone-ified treat to give to their favorite four-legged friends. We add NO salt, sugar, chemicals, artificial preservatives or animal fat to any of our products. We also carry the world’s most delicious pre-packaged treats and other Goodies!

Three Dog Bakery presents Love Bites! Peanut Mutter Cups (shown above left) and Fresh Barked Dogversation Hearts (at right).

Your dogs will go “nuts” over our Peanut Mutter Cups. Their all-natural, carob yumminess make all dogs fall in love with the best dog cookies made with carob and peanuts!

Show your puppy some love with the Dog-versation hearts! These wheat free, heart shaped cookies are sure to make your dog fall in love with you all over again!”
2. Have a Canine Photo-shoot. Dogs love attention and are naturals in front of the camera. We recommend you go the professional route, at least once in your dogs’ life, with a photographer who will provide you with photos that will be forever dear to your heart, like Off-Leash Photography here in Vancouver. Angie helps make it fun for your dog while making wonderful images and memories. Don’t forget to pet and praise your dog for being a great model. A photo shoot can be a lot of fun for both you and your dog, and it will capture memories you can keep forever.

3. Give your dog the spa treatment. Dogs get stressed out just like people, and nothing eases stress better than a nice day at a spa. There are plenty of doggie spas with a range of prices where you can take your dog to be treated like a king for a day. Or you can do it yourself: spend some time grooming and brushing your dog. He’ll love the extra attention, and his fur and skin will look and feel better.

4. Take your dog out with you. Most dogs spend their days waiting for us to come home when we’re at work. Next time you head out, try and take your dog along. Ensure that wherever you are going, whether it be work, eating out somewhere, or visiting a friend, that you do a little research and ensure it is ok to bring your dog along. You won’t have to leave your dog home alone, and your dog will enjoy some new sights, smells, and sounds, and meet some new people.

5. Teach your dog a trick. You might not think of this as pampering, but it is! When you teach your dog tricks, you are spending time with him, praising him, working out his mind, and giving him treats for a job well done. And you can show off your dogs’ new skill. What could be better?

6. Surprise your dog with a new toy. Now most dogs love toys, and likely have more than they actually need, but since when is an occasion like Valentine’s Day about need anyway!? There are some adorable heart-shaped or red stuffy, squeaky play toys available to celebrate the day of love.

Follow these tips and you can pamper your pet without making him spoiled. Trust me, your dog will love the extra special attention.

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  1. Your pooch is a perfect date, and not just for Valentine’s. They are the best companions anytime. You are assured of their loyalty if you give them love and affection. A simple walk around the park can make your dog happy. They will feel even more special if you give them treats and toys.