Sunday, February 5, 2012

Begley Cleans Green

Those who loves pets and are concerned about the planet will be interested to hear that veteran actor and environmental do-gooder, Ed Begley, Jr., has launched a new line of plant-based, sustainable and cruelty-free cleaning products.

Begley had noticed that, while many people wanted to use green and organic cleaning products, most of the ones available just weren’t that effective.

“Most people would switch to greener products,” says Begley, “but have justified concerns about the overall effectiveness of these products. Many green cleaners simply can’t handle the grime and dirt of modern-day living.”

Begley adds that, with the introduction of his new line, there is no longer an excuse not to clean green, “because these plant-based products clean just as well or even better than their non-green counterparts.”

While many “green” products on the market claim to be natural, says Begley, most fail to disclose their ingredient list, which has left many skeptical about their alleged wholesomeness. With Begley’s Earth Responsible Products, consumers know that they have the safest and most effective ingredients available. Each product lists 100 percent of its ingredients on the label. The full list of ingredients is also available on the Begley’s Earth Responsible Products website.

“It is a fact that non-green products can be harmful, and indeed toxic to our minds and bodies and the planet at large,” said Begley. “My priority is to ensure that quality products do not come at the expense of compromising our safety, health, or the environment.”

Begley’s Earth Responsible Products are now available through the website, but look for them in a growing number of stores over the coming months. The full line includes dish soap, hand soap, a multi surface cleaner, glass cleaner, cooktop cleaner, stone cleaner and rejuvenator, pet stain and odor remover, household stain and odor remover and a produce wash.

Love on a Leash is always happy to read about and review products such as Begley’s that are animal friendly. “Cruelty free” means no testing was done on animals and the eco-friendly standards Begley maintains are so much healthier for us and for our four-legged friends who share our lives and live in our homes.

Clean, earth friendly products we’ll be sure to try.

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