Monday, September 19, 2011

Robyn C. Hill and Best Pals Portraits

It’s true: there is no shortage of pet portrait artists out there and many of them do work that is quite good. In fact, throughout the history of art, this has always been the case. Some of the finest works of art in the world resonate against both the artist’s and the viewer’s love of animals.

Now all of that said, as with anything art-related, an element of subjectivity is required when looking at the work in question and as soon as I looked at Robyn C. Hill’s, my heart responded. Hill’s portraits seem to me to include a richness and a depth that you don’t see every day.

Hill tells me that she’s “professionally trained and certified in the Visual Arts. I’ve been producing beloved portraits for friends and family outside of my gallery career for many years and due to their reception and my own love of animals, I am now offering my talents to others.”

Hill says clients can anticipate one-on-one collaboration with the artist. She communicates with the client throughout the creation process, sending photos and updates so that they can watch the handmade artwork evolve into a timeless and unique treasure.

You can visit Hill on the Web here.


  1. Oh my, those are adorable! I am so lucky to have a ton of custom pieces of the boys...but I could always use one more...right?

  2. Right! I felt her pieces spoke volumes about the dogs she recreated on paper...they were wonderful. If youd o comission a piece please share on our blog...