Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Love Behind Love on a Leash: Penny Adam Leggo & Christy Adam

This month’s love showcases the dynamic duo sister team of Penny and Christy Adam who operate the entire dog walking division of Love on a Leash... rain and shine!

Penny Adam Leggo – Dog Walker Extraordinaire

Penny has worked closely with animals since 1996, including eight years at the S.P.C.A. Animal Hospital and seven years as a professional dog walker. This has helped Penny fine tune her knowledge of animal behaviors, health, and well being.

Penny has worked extensively throughout the animal world – from specialty pet stores to grooming and everything else in between. These positions have improved her knowledge of pet products, animal nutrition, grooming and care of dogs as well as other pets.

Penny is a certified dog trainer and recently updated her first aid skills to include Levels I and II of Dogsafe Canine First Aid. Penny also completed extensive training to help further improve her skills and knowledge in dealing with a variety of different situations regarding dog handling & behaviors that may require some special work to ensure that owners and their dogs are happy, healthy, well-adjusted and well-behaved!

Over the years Penny has owned and loved a variety of different pets including dogs and cats plus other small animals. She gets tremendous enjoyment working with dogs. “These loveable pooches help keep a smile on my face and deliver new challenges each day,” Penny says. “I believe that dogs truly enrich people’s lives so much with their unconditional love.”

We have to agree – there is no substitute for your dog’s love and the amount of love Penny gets from her doggy clients each day along her route shows she is indeed dog’s best friend!

This Spring, Penny adopted Rupert, a senior Bichon Frise, who had been left in a kill shelter in L.A., and was in need of a loving and caring home. Having lost her own senior boy, Ziggy, in February 2011, Rupert is helping fill the void Ziggy left in Penny’s heart. And Penny’s heart is indeed very big as she also adopted a newborn kitten this winter, too!

Christy Adam
“Love of pets is in the family,” said Christy when she joined her sister, Penny, dog walking at Love on a Leash! Christy’s love for dogs goes way back to when she was just a little girl. She has been active in the pet industry throughout her life -- working with pet shops and volunteering at the SPCA Hospital from 1996. Along with her sister, she has a passion for animals and has continued to learn about dog behaviors. Christy has come to love and adore the furry buddies she sees every day very, very much! In her non-dog time, Christy is a Certified Massage Practitioner.

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