Friday, July 8, 2011

Turn on the Waterworkz for Canine Wellness

Everyone is invited to a pet nutrition and supplement discussion with Dr. Sue Pollen this coming Saturday. The event is being held at WaterWorkz Paw Spa in Burnaby from 12 to 1 PM. The nice folks at Waterworkz are keen to let people know that there will be a discussion of incredibly useful pet information every Saturday in July and August. “These discussions are as free as the sunshine,” Waterworkz tells us, “and just as likely to make you grow.”

The first discussion will be around nutrition, “because that’s the single most important thing we do for our pets,” says Waterworkz. “Bring your pet’s food and we’ll look at the ingredients. Bring your pet’s supplements and we’ll discuss what makes one better than another. We will also discuss what to take on a trip to make it safe for your pet.”

Over the coming weeks, Waterworkz will tackle such issues as cruising and traveling with your pet; swimming dogs, including the benefits of warm salt water; the Tellington Touch with Catherine Stewart; how to tell if your pet is really sick and other timely topics.

For more details, visit or just join them on the day at 3831 Still Creek Ave, Burnaby BC.

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