Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Love Behind Love on a Leash: David Binsfeld

David was raised on a farm in Saskatchewan, along with 12 dogs, 32 cats, 2 goats, 53 rabbits, 4 budgies, and tropical fish. Pets have been a huge part of David's life, so rest assured that your loved one, will be well taken care of.

David is ecstatic to report that he is near the end of his long teaching career and looks forward to entertaining and “doting upon” various breeds of the canine family. The seawall is steps away from David’s townhouse, which is located on the lagoons at Granville Island, and is truly perfect for a dog walk anytime of the day.

David is able to care for pooches during the summer months and on weekends only at this time. At Love on a Leash we believe that the special little friends with fur coats that come to stay with us are deserving of companionship throughout the entire day.

David looks forward to meeting you and yours…

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