Saturday, April 23, 2011

Concerned About Your Dog’s Carbon Pawprint?

All of us are concerned about the environment these days and the fact that a lot of little things can add up to big change has never been more apparent. Just in time for Earth day, Dogtime points out that, even our dogs can help make a difference for the environment when they suggest the “Top 10 Ways to Reduce Your Dog's Carbon Paw Print.”
Humans aren’t the only species to leave their mark on the environment, but we alone have the power to do something about our impact. And, we can do the green thing on behalf of our animals.

In recent years, eco-friendly versions of just about any pet product you can imagine have hit the market, from paraben-free shampoos to all-natural treats and biscuits to dog beds made of 100% recycled materials. That's the easy stuff. If you're really serious about reducing your dog's carbon paw print, consider preparing her food yourself with locally made ingredients. And for the uber-conscious -- or maybe just extra ambitious -- teach your dog to turn off lights and put the newspaper in the recycle bin.
Here are the top ten things Dogtime suggests:

Top 10 ways DogTimers are reducing carbon pawprints
10. Use eco-friendly dog accessories

9. I use natural/organic flea medicine

8. Make homemade dog food/treats for my dog

7. Feed dog raw, organic, or holistic diet

6. Use biodegradable or flush-able poop bags

5. Use natural/organic shampoos to keep my dog clean

4. Use eco-friendly cleaning supplies for dog messes around the house

3. Reuse leashes, collars, and other dog accessories

2. Keep my dog leashed at all times except in designated off leash areas

1. Spay/neuter my dog(s)
You can read the full piece here.

Meanwhile, if you have your own list -- or even just some clever ideas -- we’d love to hear them.

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