Friday, December 6, 2013

Six Holiday Foods Your Dog Should Never, Ever Eat

Make sure you keep heartache out of the season of joy. While there are some wonderful and yummy festive treats available for your dog, there are several foods associated with the holidays that you should never let your pooch eat. Even if your dog begs and tells you with every fibre in his being that this food is okay, in this instance it’s important to remember that you know better and keep these foods well and truly away!

1. Cooked Meat and Bones
This is an easy one to overlook. After all, dogs are meateaters, right? Wouldn’t they be eating meat and bones in the wild? Wrong! While they would be finding raw bones, cooked ones are not part of the natural dog’s diet. Cooked bones can splinter and can cause internal damage. While many meats associated with the holidays are too rich for the average dog whose system is used to being fed commercial dog food.

2. Nutmeg
While it would take a lot of nutmeg to actually kill your dog, little is known about why nutmeg is so very toxic to canines. And since this spice is found in so many human holiday treats, this is one to be aware of.

3. Onions
This is another one that ends up being in a whole lot of holiday foods. Equally dangerous to dogs cooked or raw, your dog must avoid them at all times of the year!

4. Raw Bread Dough
While the dough itself isn’t toxic, the yeast can expand and cause all kinds of intestinal distress in your pet. Yes: even death. Keep your dog away from pizza and bread-making activities!

5. Sage
Sage is another one that isn’t necessarily toxic in the dangerous sense but should still be avoided. It contains essential oils that might cause some stomach upset for your pooch. It can also cause central nervous system depression. Better to avoid it than take chances.

6. Grapes
Okay: grapes are not a holiday food, but they are so bad for your dog and this is one of the lesser known ones, that we thought we’d reiterate. Never, ever, ever let your dogs have grapes! They are entirely indigestible to canine stomachs.

Have a happy and healthy holiday!

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