Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dogs in the Office

Remember casual Friday? Well, that was fun. But this? This is so much better!

The 15th annual Take Your Dog to Work Day happens on June 21st: this coming Friday! A great way to do share your canine pal with your whole crew while easing your conscience about leaving your baby.

And Take Your Dog Work Day has deeper benefits than might at first be apparent. For starters, as the web site tells us, “Take Your Dog To Work Day celebrates Dogs and Promotes Their Adoption.” And, of course, none of that is bad.

Take Your Dog to Work Day was first celebrated in 1999 by Pet Sitters International, one of the professional organizations Love on a Leash is proud to be a member of. It’s always celebrated on the Friday following Father’s Day. The idea behind the event was to celebrate the great companions dogs make
and promote their adoptions. Also, the event encourages employers to experience the joys of pets in the workplace for one day. You can learn more here.

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