Monday, November 5, 2012

Loki’s Christmas Wish: Help for Shelter Pets

As the holidays approach, it’s important to think about how we can help others. It’s never difficult to find worthwhile charities to give to, but I have to admit to having a few favorites, and Loki’s Christmas Wish Fund is one of those.

The Fund was started in 2008 by HugABull director Kristen Neratini, with the aim of brightening the holidays for animals in the shelter system.

The initiative was started in memory of Loki, a puppy neglected and abandoned before coming to HugABull. At five months of age, around Christmas 2005, he was adopted by Kristen and his future looked bright. He excelled at obedience, obtained his Canine Good Neighbour certificate, and Kristen knew she had found her “heart dog.”

Sadly, only three years later, Loki passed away due to health issues. Kristen and her husband decided to mark his too-short life with a donation campaign around the holidays, to help the shelter dogs who don’t find a home around Christmas. Donations are collected and distributed to all dog breeds -- and cats too!

Since 2008, 27 local animal shelters and rescue groups have benefitted from Loki's Christmas Wish and they look forward to seeing that number increase.

Loki’s Christmas Wish is run in partnership with HugABull Advocacy & Rescue Society.

Shelters are always stressful, but around the holidays adoptions are slower, shelters are short-staffed, and cold weather means less exercise and stimulation for the animals. A delivery of food, treats, bedding, and other supplies goes a long way to brightening their days, and the donations are used well into the following year.

Loki’s Christmas Wish Fund welcomes the donation of many items for dogs and cats. A detailed list is on their web site. And, of course, cash donations are always welcome, too.

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