Saturday, October 13, 2012

Enter to Win: A Smell This Gift Basket!

When I tried the Smell This! Aromatherapy Pet Line of doggy beauty products on my own pampered pooches, Pixie and Finnigan, I loved the products and I kind of think they did, too! The whole Smell This! line is infused with botanicals, our absolute fave being the lavender, but you’ll likely find your own favorites, as well.

I loved the whole line so much that I asked Arline, the owner of Smell This!, if she'd like to do a contest with us and she was thrilled to offer up a basket of their products.

The gift basket has a retail value of $180 and includes Scratch N' Sniff's London Dog Pawfume Spray, All Natural Insect Repellant, Pooch & Kitty Wash, Rxxxxxx Antiseptic & Healing Balm, Furrtastioc Shine & Detangler Spray and Chewy’s Dry Shampoo.

Enter to win by posting a comment on this blog post or on our Facebook page stating why you’d love this gorgeous basket a great smells for your canine pal.

Arline Trividic created Scratch N Sniff out of her own love for animals. When the production company for the movie, Marmaduke, called to order Smell This! SWAT Natural Insect Repellant, she thought it was for the crew. Instead, it was for the main cast, which was made up of dogs.

Trividic recalls, “The poor dogs were being bitten alive and my chemical-free insect repellant was their savior! I love animals as much as I love humans and this project was my inspiration to create the “Scratch N Sniff” line.”

Celebrity fans of the pet line include Fiona Forbes of Urban Rush (the dry shampoo is named after Forbes’ dog, Chewy), Real Housewives of Vancouver’s Mary Zilba, Top 40 Under 40 Entrepreneur and Steve Nash Fitness Club spokesperson Mashiah Vaughn and CBC host, George Strombolopolous. Retail prices range from $20-$35 CDN and can be purchased at Sale proceeds of the dry shampoo “Chewy” are going Forbes’ pet charity, the SPCA.

Remember: enter by November 30, 2012 by telling us here or on our Facebook page about why you’d like to win this fantastic prize.

The winner will be announced on December 1.


  1. I'd love to win it for Molly so will smell better, and therefore the couch will smell better! She's not much for water so she doesn't get a bath all that often.

  2. Oooohhh, Kolchak and Felix would love this! I bet Kol would be a huge fan of the dry shampoo. He hates water so much. I would be a fan of having dogs that don't smell like feet.