Monday, September 10, 2012

Coming October 20th, 2012: BEYOND THE MYTH: A Film about Breed Discrimination

Love on a Leash Trusted Dog Care Services is pleased to be a sponsor of the screening of Beyond the Myth. This is a film about breed specific legislation and it has always seemed to us to be a topic that deserves our sharp attention.

HugABull and the Paws for Hope Foundation are bringing Beyond the Myth to Vancouver next month. The film explores the contributing factors behind the public's generalized fear of pit bull-type dogs and examines the conflict existing between advocates and opponents of breed specific legislation. This award-winning documentary about BSL and its effects on dogs and their families has drawn attention and acclaim globally.

Join us on October 20th for a screening of this important film, followed by a panel discussion where breed experts, researchers, and animal control experts share their own experiences and thoughts.

Here is a bit more about the film:

Beyond the Myth: A Film about Breed Discrimination

Unfairly known as violent killers, Pit Bulls have suffered from the stigma of negative media coverage that has lead to city-wide bans across the country. This breed-specific legislation has torn pets away from families, and killed thousands of innocent dogs in cities like Denver, Miami, Cincinnati, and San Francisco.

The film investigates the myths associated with these breeds, challenges the idea that they are inherently vicious, and presents eye-opening research regarding the media’s role in influencing people’s opinion on dog attacks. Stripping away the preconceptions to show the loving companions they can be, Beyond the Myth is an important, must see film for all dog lovers.

Tickets to the Vancouver event are available at:

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  1. What a timely event. This province needs to learn the facts & myths on BSL more than ever. I'm headed over to get my tickets (and I'll share on KN later too). Thanks for the heads up