Thursday, November 17, 2011

Barcode Your Dog?

A Seattle company is offering an innovative new pet I.D. system.

Pet Hub has introduced a product they hope will help keep pets and their loving owners together. At present owners have two main resources to help them find their dog or cat if it is lost: an ID tag and/or a microchip.

ID tags are great, but they contain very little information. And a microchip can contain extensive details about a pet, but it needs to be implanted by a vet and can only be scanned by shelters and animal hospitals.

“The deal is you have to check for micro-chipping. Then you have to hope it’s one of the three percent of pets that actually have a microchip. What’s worse? A whopping 58 percent of animals with microchips have out-of-date information,” says Pet Hub founder Tom Arnold.

Arnold believes Pet Hub has the perfect combination of these two items. Using barcode-like QR tags, Arnold says they link “critical contact, medical, dietary and other information right on your pet’s collar.” Anyone with a smartphone can scan an animal’s tag and be taken to the owner’s profile.

Even better news? The Pet Hub sells the smart ID tags for about $13 plus they also offer free storage of your pet’s profile and medical information online with hundreds of searchable articles available on topics ranging from health care & training to breed information and so much more.

You can learn more on the Pet Hub website here.

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