Thursday, October 20, 2011

Angie Wojciechowska & Off Leash Photography

I’ve been seriously impressed by Angie Wojciechowska of Off Leash Photography’s sharp eye and deep talent. As you can see in the photos included here, what Angie does is quite beyond presenting photos of people’s pets. The expression, the composition, the presentation: it’s just a very complete package and one can’t help but appreciate her eye for detail.

Angie says she created Off Leash Photography to provide people with true images of their four legged companions. She says that her goal is to catch your dog or cat’s personality in their own environment, doing what they love and being who they are.

For most people photography is about keeping records of events, but Angie says she believes it should be about expression and communication. She says that the photos should evoke emotion and excitement. When Angie works with dogs and their owners anything can happen. She loves the unpredictable nature of animals and the lack of control that goes with it.

Angie says she loves being there “in the moment to catch it, compose it, interpret it.” Photographing dogs unleashes Angie’s creativity. “I am amazed that every time and every session is so different from the next,” she says. adding that she tries to learn as much as she can about a dog before and during the session. She works to understand as much as possible of their nature, so she can provide the owner with a true representation of their dog.

Off Leash Photography works on location, in your home, your back yard, the beach, park or urban scenery. Rates start at $225 for a signature session or $300 for in-home sessions.

You can visit Angie on the Web for details or e-mail her directly for personal service and quote “Love on a Leash” for access to special promotions.

Angie Wojciechowska
phone: 604-618-2236


  1. Marvin (the little Yorkie above) and I had an amazing session with Angie. I got so much more than I was expecting from the session! Not only was she able to capture my little guy as I saw him but she was great to work with & we have continued to keep in touch....Angie, Marvin & I truly became friends :)

  2. The pictures Angie took of Kolchak and Felix at the fundraiser are by far the best photos of those two I have ever had. I definitely want to book a whole session with her, maybe in the Spring when we can play at a park or the beach.

  3. Thank you ladies for nice comments! I do love what I do and I hope it comes through the photos.