Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Doggy Biz of the Month: Studio 2 Photography

Tamara Roberts graduated from The Western Academy of Photography in 1991 and has been building her business ever since. In 2003, after working out of her home for many years, Tamara opened Studio2 Photography in North Vancouver.

Tamara loves people and has a natural way with them and tries to capture emotion in every shot. She discovered that when people brought their pets to a photography session, it seems to relax them. Tamara says, “My clients completely forgot their inhibitions and just had fun!” Thus, a whole new segment of her business was born.

Tamara began looking for ways to expand on this animal theme and get involved more in her community. Being an animal lover, it seemed natural to join up with the BCSPCA’s Paws For A Cause as a community sponsor.

With two very successful fundraising years behind her, Tamara hopes animal lovers will help her make 2011 the best ever fundraising event by signing up now for this year’s Paws for a Cause Studio 2 Photo Event! For a $25.00 fee, and a donation of a bag of dog food, you and your beloved pooch will have a mini session in the studio.

The next event will take place Septemper 24 and 25. Give Tamara a call and commemorate your pet with fabulous keepsake photos while supporting the S.P.C.A. Limited space is available. Book by calling Studio2 Photography at 604-990-4301.

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